Adding a button/hotkey to disable all the current trainer's hotkeys

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Adding a button/hotkey to disable all the current trainer's hotkeys

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As the title say : would it be possible to add a toggle button (with a hotkey) to disable/enable the listening of all the current trainer's hotkeys ?

Another trainer maker has this feature ("Ctrl + Shift + End" i think) and it's very useful when you have to use your numpad for something, or if you are not in the game right now but browsing, or if you had activated all yours habitual cheats and don't want to disable any of them by error.
The feature should not change anything to the actual cheats activated, just disable all hotkeys (except the feature's one of course :mrgreen: )

And in the same idea, another one to disable all cheats (outside of "enable/disable trainer") in once, to prevent a game crash while loading a save for example, or if you decide to go in multiplayer, or if you activated some random cheat by error and don't know which one so you disable all of them and then re-enable the cheats you want.

Anyway the app is awesome, while i was a little reticent at first (changing habits and stuff) but i admit it's quite useful to have all trainers/tables for all games in one app with a search bar :wub:


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