{Request) Resizble Window

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Uhuru N'Uru
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{Request) Resizble Window

Post by Uhuru N'Uru »

The basic system functionality to maximise, or resize the Window is disabled for no good reason. I'd like to be able to see all the available options, without having to Alt-Tab, and/or resort to the scroll in the App forcing me out of the game.

I have 3x1440p Monitors, and the ability to change the options in game, is pretty much pointless if i have to Alt-Tab out just to use the scrollbar, to see what I can/can't alter in game.

I really don't understand why the core windows ability to resizing the window is disabled at all, it serves no practical purpose as far as I can tell. It would be much better to not include the extra UI coding to disable a core windows function

Make the forced window size just the default setting, and leave the basic functions of windows untouched, for those of us that find such a tiny window far from ideal, and not fit for our systems resolution, or multi-monitor setups.

Where having such modding tools, big enough to avoid using any scrollbar., and open on another monitor is the perfect setup.
Allowing us to see at a glance, everything that is applied, while we keep playing the game.

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Novice Cheater
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Re: {Request) Resizble Window

Post by assasin01 »

i support this request ..

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