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So what happened?

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:57 am
by STN
The webserver crashed.

Ever since the move to XF, server cpu and mem usage has been very high and as a result whenever there's a traffic spike, the site goes down. I tried to alleviate this issue by upgrading the whole server software (php/mysql/cache) as you might have noticed in the past few weeks but it doesn't seem like that helped.

So what now?

I dread making announcements like these which affect all of you in such a big way, which is why i have been trying every damn thing the past few weeks and in two minds about it. But i really don't want to wake up to pings on Discord and Twitter anymore and worrying if the site will go down when i sleep.

We will switch back to phpbb.

No, i am not interested in any other software. I actually like Xenforo but every damn time, we move to it, there's some issue. For a site run on community contributions, i guess it's not the solution especially when you're also hosting thousands of files.

Apart from that hacking episode, there have been no issues with phpbb - even at triple the traffic xf has got so far - the blame of that goes to me as i was reluctant to update phpbb due to losing some extensions.

Re: So what happened?

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:24 pm
by STN
Attachments have been all converted!.

For re-formatting/copying posts (if you may so wish), the old forums are still up. But the amount and extent of copying required is so minor, it didn't seem like many even bothered.

New users registered during certain time period between 17 may-20 june may need to reset their passwords. If that fails, email me at support [at]