Update and add of 1 option paid request

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Update and add of 1 option paid request

Post by powerzhea »

Game Name: Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey
Game Engine: AnvilNext 2.0
Game Version: v1.3
Game/Steam Website:
Other Info:

Here is were my request is going to be a bit different.
There is already a cheat table, for this game, with inventory editor.
However the inventory editor can be confusing or something to some people.
I wanna fix this. It looks like u can add items and all that.
Now what i wanna see added is, 1 click on the table, or one push of a button, and all weapons and armor gets added.
Base game, including the 2 DLC items. Therefore no more hash finding, etc....
Also if this option gets added to the current existing inventory editor, i will donate this person 50 euro.
However if this person can add this option and add a bonus option....
Bonus option being
1 Item set for Alexsios, with super OP stats
1 Item set for Kassandra with Super OP stats

Meaning added, and edited item set, for that including the add all, i would pay 100 euro in donation for this.
On the forum its called: Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey - InventoryEditor
The link for it, is here:

I'm not sure this is allowed, or not, but i really want this option and i'll pay pretty well for it.
My other requested trainer, i also paid for it. So im good on it, when i say ill pay for it.

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