Sniper Fury - Alliance Points

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Sniper Fury - Alliance Points

Post by PlzHackSF » Thu Jan 24, 2019 3:53 pm

Game Name: Sniper Fury
Game Engine: Maybe Havok? I googled it and this was the best response I could find: ... 730848182/ this link is to steam, the game is on multiple platforms. I play the game from microsoft store.
Game Version: v4.2.0 (I think)
Options Required: Allied Points & infinite energy
Game/Steam Website:
Other Info: This "hack" is a bit complicated. It's recently come to my attention that players are using a certain glitch that occurs in the game after prolonged activity. Once the player has been inside of the game for about 8 hours without losing connection nor reloading the game the game enters a state where it's very buggy. I'm not quite familiar with the technical reason of this, so I unfortunately can't help on that front. Then once the game enters this "buggy state", you can donate all your Allied Points to the clan structures and the game then registers the donation, but doesn't remove the Allied Points from your balance.

What I'm requesting is some sort of way to speed up the process or simulate the "bugged state". On top of this there's a Warlord in the game that gives you infinite energy for 15 min. If possible it would be absolutely amazing to have some sort of "hack" that prolongs this infinite energy so that one can grind for longer. The infinite energy part is merely optional if anybody knows anything about this. The main part of this request is certainly finding a way to enter the "bugged state" more easily. I hope there's some people out there interested in helping. And to all you that play Sniper Fury, happy sniping!

ps. I'm quite new at this so I'm 100% missing something. Just ask in the comments! I'm also not sure if this was the right section to post it in, if so simply move it please. Have a nice day!

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