Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet(Steam)DIY

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Re: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet(Steam)DIY

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Chip editor works from Items UI on v1.7. But EXP multiplier and medal freeze scripts don't.

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Re: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet(Steam)DIY

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QuotterBatt wrote:
Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:03 am
headshot0052 is right. I did test every possible table in this forum for SAO:FB and none is working like before anymore sadly.

Please be someone so kind to update the most recent one with the weapon and chip editor included.
If it is needed i could upload this "non"-working table with included weapon and chip editor here.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Okay i was not thorough enough when checking for function. It is working quiet well for accessories(except only accessories with chips on it - without chip it is not possible to edit you will get a crash of the game) but only the last weapon in your itemlist is read in pointerlist and changeable, sure you can use sort to get the weapon you want to change.

you will update your CT Table in the new update?
because i liked your table model because its very organizated compared to the other Tables , please ;-;
The update is coming in 22/08/2019

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet(Steam)DIY

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i'm new at this cheating chips thing can someone please explain it to me

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