[REQUEST] Plants vs Zombies 1 (Bluestacks Emulator)

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[REQUEST] Plants vs Zombies 1 (Bluestacks Emulator)

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Game Name: Plants vs Zombies (Android/Mobile Version, Emulated)

Game Engine: PopCap Framework (I Think)

Game Version: 3.3.6

Options Required: Unlimited Sun, Unlimited Coins, No Plant Cooldowns/Instant Plants

Steam Website:

Other Info: This is technically still the android version of pvz even though it is in fact *emulated* with bluestacks so that said i'm unsure if it still uses the "popcap framework" engine and as far as the game version and the cheat options go, the game version is from the pvz google play store page when you click/tap on "about this game" then scroll down a bit.

As for the cheat options: if anyone is able to get more cheats available then that's fine by me but the 1 cheat i'm "most" interested in however is the "no plant cooldowns/instant plants" cheat not because i'm impatient (ok well, maybe just a tad bit) but it's mostly because i like the idea of "making zombies fight for you" with "HYPNO-SHROOM" as stated in the almanac and with said cheat i can continuously do that so if there's one cheat to look out for and/or take priority on, it's that cheat.

Also, whether it's a trainer or a cheat table, it doesn't matter none to me.

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