Battle Hunters

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Battle Hunters

Post by bertman »

could you make a table for this game

inf health
inf ammo

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Battle Hunters

Post by SarashJessicaParker »

I have a table in the works could you test this for me and let me know if this works? When you have the Archer in your party check the box and trigger a loading screen by entering a dungeons portal etc. When the game loads the new area your Archer should have max stats and not cool downs for his skills.

I made a much more robust cheat table. It has infinite health for all 3 characters and a main lua. The main lua options are as follows:
Arrow Keys: Moves main character around and allows you to clip through anything
Numpad 1: Saves teleport 1
Numpad 2: Loads teleport 1
Numpad 3: Gives you all items and gold
Numpad 4: Saves teleport 2
Numpad 5: Loads teleport 2
Numpad 6: No wait time for battle arena
(Use the below teleports when on the appropriate maps)
1: Teleports you to dark woods portal(woods)
2: Teleports you to boss(dark woods)
3: Teleports you to boss(swamp)
4:Teleports you to boss(cliffs)
5:Teleports you to boss(wasteland)
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Re: Battle Hunters

Post by gooling »

:lol: :lol:

THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr.SarashJessicaParker

YOU ARE GENiUS !!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D

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Re: Battle Hunters

Post by danielyee »

Hi there mr sarash..a very thanks for your effort..i wonder can the num key change to other keys..and an option of god mode..thanks..

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