Battle Realms: Zen Edition

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Battle Realms: Zen Edition

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Game Name: Battle Realms: Zen Edition

Game Engine: Couldn't find it

Game Version: v1.56

Options Required: Cheat table with(I'll take any I can get):
1. Unlimited Rice & Water
2. Unlimited Peasants
3. Unlimited Yin and/or Yang
4.Unlimited Watchtowers
5. Instant Training of Units
6. Instant Battlegear training (Dragon and Serpent Clan, the Rite of Ascension battlegear for Lotus Clan)
7. Unlimited Horses (Dragon and Serpent Clan)
8. Unlimited Wolves (Wolf Clan)
9. Unlimited Shadowsteeds (Lotus Clan)
10. Unlimited Monks (Wolf and Dragon Clan)
11. Unlimited Ninja (Lotus and Serpent Clan)
12. Instant Death on selected Units or Structures
13. Instant Heal of Health and Stamina on selected Units or Structures
14. Ability to Reveal the map on or off
15. Instant Building of Structures
16. Unlimited Copies of Heroes/Zen Masters
17. Instant Master Warlock Training (Lotus Clan)
18. God Mode for Unit or Structure Selected

Game/Steam Website:

Other Info: [Link]

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