[Request]Lords of the Fallen - CE Editor for Armors, please.

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[Request]Lords of the Fallen - CE Editor for Armors, please.

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Hey, I'd like to request a cheat engine table that has a similar function* to Dark Souls Cheat Tables which you open a scroll window and selecting the armor you want, dropped in the game for you. This must be thanks to the item's ID being implemented in to an injection(?) coding format and to a scroll selection window to make lives easier for the CE users.

I know the game is old.
I know nobody will care about this request.
I know there is already a CE but it doesn't have what I am asking here.
I also searched online about what I am asking here in hopes someone already made it in the past BEFORE I make a post here.

With that said, I implore anyone out there with both the knowledge and the patience to help make this CE table for this good game a reality. I am not sure if I can help in any way, but I can at least try to find all the armor's ID and post them here to save some time from the creator of this potential CE's request, if possible.

EDIT 1: Spelling mistakes.

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