[Windows Store] No Man's Sky (Specific cheats)

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[Windows Store] No Man's Sky (Specific cheats)

Post by dinoid9985 »

Game Name: No Man's Sky
Game Engine: Not Known
Game Version: 2.61.1
Options Required: Max stack bypass, teleport, no clip, fly faster when in planet atmosphere, always summon freighter combat, instant item cooking, game speed edit(faster then the trainer), gathering multiplier, always S class(mine doesn't spawn exotic). Anything not included in the trainer or table would be appreciated.
Windows Store Website: https://www.microsoft.com/pt-br/p/no-ma ... vqtl3pch05
Steam Website:
Other Info: I know there is flings trainer and I use a steam table adapted to Microsoft Store version(viewtopic.php?t=13080) but almost every function is broken. I was wondering if someone already have a .CT with any of the required scripts.

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