[Paid Request] Median XL Diablo 2 Item Creator

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What is cheating?
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[Paid Request] Median XL Diablo 2 Item Creator

Post by thezone900 »

Game Name: Diablo 2 Median XL Mod
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Game Version: v1.2.1 (Median XL version)
Options Required: Item creator offline, One shot kill with any ability, Loot explosion(especially this one). I need some way to test builds offline / find items to test.

Steam Website: not steam game
Other Info: You will need a diablo 2 CDKey, you can literally google this (I got mine from another website that I'm unsure I'm able to mention here, but I basically just googled for D2 Cdkey, I can provide the one I found as well via PMs). Any D2 cd-key will work as this is a mod, not actual battle.net. Then torrent / download diablo 2 from any trusted site (can even get it off blizzard or pm me and I'll send you the download links), then go to median xl website: https://www.median-xl.com/ and download the mod installer and you're good to go.

I am willing to pay for the Item creator, up to $30. Possibly more depending on ease of access. There already is a hero editor but it only lets you make a max level character, doesn't let you spawn in items.

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