[Request] Soda Dungeon 2

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[Request] Soda Dungeon 2

Post by Jookeringa »

Game Name: Soda Dungeon 2
Game Engine: Unity Engine
Game Version: v1.0.0
Options Required:
  • Gold Amount
  • Essence Amount
  • Battle Points Amount
  • and if possible Cash Currency Amount (I think it is not server sided)
Steam Website:
Other Info:
  • [Link]
  • [Link]
  • [Link]

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Re: [Request] Soda Dungeon 2

Post by panraven »

There is another thread in 3hr distance, viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13046
but here has some helpful link :)

The game was in il2cpp,the ct may not work for other version.

Using KeyDrop cheat in a new game may interfere the initial tutorial, enable KeyDrop only after gaining 1st key normally please.

~ fixed MasteryXpMul;
+ addgold, similar to spend gold;
+ DefaultWarpAmount (for the impatient). battleNum/level/stage increase by amount instead of normal 1 (default 11); will stop at 2 type of modulo, setup variable modulo (default 50) and 100, that means battleNum update like 1->12->23->34->45->50->...->100; so that boss event will not missed; moduloMax (a limit) is stage where the modulo not apply, but if Always Modulo 100 is set, the limit is ignored.
+ NoConsumeCredit. consume no BattleCredit, and set battle number to 3000 instead of 100; will refund if end early. If DefaultWarpAmount is applied, the stage num advance with cheat effect; also currency/drop/item cheat will applied; but some battle cheat may not applied;
+ RevealInfo, show missing info of Item Compendium/Bestiary in right panel; no unlocking and saving.

- AdventureGameSpeed, set adventure game speed (preset x4,x2,x1, Hotkey: /+S );
- ProcOnCharaActivated, execute some effect when Character Activated (gain turn for action?), currently only FullHeal for Player Team chars;
- TavernSpawnChance (->sqrt), slightly flatten the chance of appearing chance for each class in tavern;
- autoMegaChest, spawn an extra MegaChest when chest selection is timeout, ie. got a random normal chest and a mega chest (itemfind + 5);
- SpendGoldShift 1/2^n (default n=3, ie. 1/8), + secret bonus...
- DeductItemsMod, +1 instead, for most non currency cost;
- PetXPAdd, in bit shift, ie. default 8 is x256;
- MasteryXpMul, chars xp mul, default x20, in effect it just rise a few level where it should be ;
- EssenceDrop, KeyDrop, ItemDrop , drop chance on enemy killed.


typo in script, updated
64 bit table, +4 new script
(8.47 KiB) Downloaded 473 times
64 bit
(7.05 KiB) Downloaded 162 times
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Re: [Request] Soda Dungeon 2

Post by Terydin »

They have a really good table here. It's still in process.


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