[REQ] Gordian Quest

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Re: [REQ] Gordian Quest

Post by danielyee »

sifu..its working well now..tq sifu

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Re: [REQ] Gordian Quest

Post by Airavat »

gideon25 wrote:
Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:01 pm
Ok, with rysefox initial one it was just moving 1 into eax but what we need to do now is:
mov byte ptr [rsi+40],1
movzx eax,byte ptr [rsi+40]

mov it into whatever offset is there instead. Maybe the offset itself gets checked again some in the code, didn't look.

This script was tested with 88 AND 88F and works

When 99 comes out, if not working just PM me a link. I think I understand what exactly needs to be done now.
Thanks so much. It works finally.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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[REQ] Gordian Quest

Post by Pucktheplatypus »

any new tables for this , none of the old ones work for current version?


Looks like this one has been lost to the history already
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Re: [REQ] Gordian Quest

Post by acecel »

Thanks for the table, works perfectly for me :)

Anyone with a complete desk could share each cards ID ? Or there is any ways to get them automatically ?
I don't even know how you can get the ID from a card you have lol

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