[*REQUEST]DRAGON BALL FighterZ (I would pay)

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Re: [*REQUEST]DRAGON BALL FighterZ (I would pay)

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For those of you who thought this was TL:DR and don't want to do all that. I also made a trainer if you prefer that. Just know your antivirus will detect it as a virus so you should already know how to get around that. For windows 10 > Windows defender > add exclusions...
Don't try to use this online otherwise you risk getting banned. Make sure EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) is uninstalled. I recommend you turn your Wi-Fi off before launching the game so there's no way you connect online. For instructions on how to do that, check my previous post. Make sure you launch the game first and once your game has loaded, then open up the trainer.

Password for rar. file is "orange" without quotation marks.

Game Version: 1.24

1) Unlimited Health (Bootcamp mode/Haven't tested in other modes. Be my guest)
2) One Hit Kills (Bootcamp mode/Haven't tested in other modes. Be my guest)
3) Fast Level Ups [Lots of EXP] (Bootcamp mode/Tournament of Power) [Win 2 Tournaments to start effect]
4) Max Zeni

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