Requesting a favor for the Resident Evil 2 remake

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Requesting a favor for the Resident Evil 2 remake

Post by ChronicMasturbator » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:38 pm

Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong section but I'm new here and never used this site before. Ok... I originally asked this in another forum site and everyone who replied said to use Cheat Engine (which I'd never even heard of before)

Ok to get to the point... all I want is just some way to be able to turn auto-aim on in standard difficulty, that's it. I'll copy and paste what one person said to do, which I fully believe is the correct thing to do, but as I'm not tech savvy at all... this might as well like trying to understand nuclear physics for me and everything I have tried so far has accomplished nothing Crying or Very sad

I'd be very appreciative if one of you lovely wonderful nerds could please just make a CE program for me just so that i can turn on auto-aim in standard difficulty. Cheers.

There's a tool called "Cheat Engine". You run that software along with the game. Then you alt-tab to that software from the game and perform a search for memory addresses matching certain values.

It's basically like this:
If you go to the options and turn off auto aim on easy. Go to Cheat Engine and create a New Search, and search for the value 0 (most likely value for "off").
then, go to the game, and turn on auto aim. Go back to Cheat Engine and filter the search with the value 1 (a likely value for "on").
and then you do that, on and off, on and off, to filter out any other memory addresses that might have matched the first time around.

If you are lucky there will only be one address left. And then you can lock or change the value of that address to "1" which would be "auto aim on", even if you play on another difficulty level.

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