[REQUEST] DemonCrawl

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: [REQUEST] DemonCrawl

Post by Pozzy1 »

Just tried with the latest update(s) and your method is working perfectly for me still, feel free to take a very well-earned break!

Edit: Updated to 1.54
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: [REQUEST] DemonCrawl

Post by wackwarden »

Will there be an update to 1.59? I tried following the steps to update Barovir's table and got messed up because I'm really, really dumb.
I messed with the CE tutorial a while back too so I'm not unaware of how to modify the game.
If there isn't, can someone guide me through modifying the game? I have discord, here's my tag. slayking#8495

Thanks in advance!

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