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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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GTFO the Game

Post by brezczecheatskiy »

For v0.25.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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GTFO the Game

Post by arch1t3ct »

[USER=38532]@brezczecheatskiy[/USER] how did you find the health? I can't find it with any scans, so I'm curious how you got to the aob signature that you used. thx

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: GTFO the Game

Post by FluffyWafflesIX »

I'm a bit late to release this, especially openly/publicly.
This CT works on Rundown 3, keep in mind that most features you'll need to be host unless its a client-sided feature then you may be a non-host.
The "Hard Mode" section was something I made to harden the game for you, unfortunately most of the features are mainly for solo gameplay only.

EDIT: v0.2.4 is now available, just a few additions and that's really it. I'm basically done with this game until the next rundown comes out.
Oh i'll also leave a .txt soon with some info regarding values and how to or rather what to even look for. Some values are pretty basic like ammo for example, every one who uses cheat engine should really know how to get this.
This game doesn't have any mod support nor do I believe it ever will. But, if you know how to code in the C# language, this game will be your playground. Have fun customizing that game how you will. There is an Open Source mod menu to help get you started. Also, putting it out here, you'll be injecting with a Mono injector.

EDIT 2: Use notepad++ or notepad to open the gtfovalues.txt , forgot to mention this but there are some issues with a few of the features and totally forgot about the pointers I had for health which aren't working anymore. Scratch what I said about being done with the game... v0.2.5 will come with some fixes and new additions, soon.

EDIT 3: Oh boy, now here is my latest...very latest CT, v0.2.5
The whole CT has been reorganized and new features are available. I did remove some other features that I deemed either useless or not working as intended. Here is the new feature additions list:

InfectionSpitters / Parasites:
- No Explode
- No Explode 2
- Silent (You wont even hear them explode)
- Visual Appearance (Always Retracted)
- No Parasite Damage (You will not receive any parasite explosion damage, but you still receive infection status)
- Liquid Colors (Not super amazing because you cant really customize this, but youll see something slightly new also avoid InfectionSpitters when this is enabled)
- Bullet Immunity (Pretty self-explanatory for this one)

Visual Fog / Infection:
- Fog 1
- Fog 2
- Unclear Air (Combine with Fog 1 & 2 or Enable this only for a very foggy map)
- Clear Air (Combine with Fog 2 only)
- Infection Growth (Enable to stop the infection level from ascending/descending, works best on maps like A2 - Purification)
- Pointer for Infection Fog Height (You can manually change it)

QoL Settings:
- Remove all liquids (Removes liquids from your screen)
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Shows some stuff for value scanning
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