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Re: [Request] Pokéclicker

Post by clad »

someone try to cheat in the desktop version?

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Re: [Request] Pokéclicker

Post by Kostyurik »

clad wrote:
Thu Nov 24, 2022 3:33 pm
someone try to cheat in the desktop version?
Ephenia Java scripts are working perfectly on desktop version. But if you need to specifically use console codes (i. e. add currency, add berries, add pokeballs, add Pokemon, unlock a shiny...) then much more convenient way is to use console codes on browser version and then just use a save file from browser version on desktop version, save fies are fully compatible.

There are some console codes you can't just use, save and import a save file - like modifying Oak's item efficiency or any other multiplier bonus. However they aren't worked for me anyway, even on browser version.
I tried
App.game.multiplier.getBonus('eggStep', () => 10000)
to get the last two achievements faster, but eggs aren't started hatching 10000 times quicker. I tried
App.game.multiplier.getBonus('eggStep', () => 2)
to at least get twice a hatching speed, still no effect.

So, if you wanted to use multiplier bonus console codes on desktop - I'm sorry, I don't know how. If any other console code - just use it on browser version and import a save file.

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