Challenge programs!

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Challenge programs!

Post by FreeER »

Feel like showing your skills? Well try out AikonCWD's [Link] program!

Also, if you know of any others, or have created your own challenge or unofficial tutorial programs, feel free to share it below! I'd love to see others :)

In case the CE Forums are down in the future here's a copy paste of the post:
AikonCWD wrote:Here is, my #1 challenge for you [readername]!

I coded something like a "game" so you can try and test if your skill is able to hack this challenge. The game is coded under an Anticheat Engine called GameShield (don't google it, this engine is homemade by me :P). For all of us it's easy to hack games with CheatEngine, but can be a pain if we stuck vs anticheats modules or memory protections.

Well, so this is why I'm here :) With this game you will fight versus a REAL anticheat engine, hope you get the same fun as I get coding this:


The game is a rogelike with: timers, health/mana/stamina bars, item counters, etc... The character is controlled using that awesome D-pad at the corner. Are you ready to test your skill?

Defeat all protections, antidebuggers and anticheats:
- Run cheatengine without getting detected
- Debug this game using default windbg
- Debug this game using VEH debug without getting detected
- Optional debug this game using DBVM kernel debugger without getting detected

Find valid pointers for all addresses [HP, MP, SP, Time, Keys, Beholders, Coord X, Coord Y]
One address is protected with anticheat. Find the address and try to edit the value without getting detected
Code some auto-assemble (or LUA) scripts:
- Teleport Hack
- Move without loosing stamina
- Every picked key worth like 10
- Every defeat beholder worth like 5
- Beholders don't decrease your HP
- Beholders don't decrease your keys
- Picking keys don't decrease MP
- Every Red potion restores all your health bar
- Every Blue potion restores all your mana bar
- Every Green potion restores all your stamina bar
- Script to frezee time (or to increase time)
- If your health bar is empty, you never die
- If your mana bar is empty, you never die
- If your stamina bar is empty, you can still move
- If time reachs 0, you never die
- Bonus: Make a lua script to move the character using your mouse


The game is coded under VB6, some antivirus warns about false-positive. It's clean, but if you feel paranoic, use a Virtual Machine to run it.


Feel free to use this thread to talk about the challenge, ask for help or tip's if you get stuck but don't spoil the solution to the other users :)

MP me if you wan't to post a solution, table or trainer

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Challenge programs!

Post by diavolul999 »

Is there anyone who succeeded this? I'd like a tutorial :D

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Re: Challenge programs!

Post by SunBeam »

The main location and discussions (with solutions) for this tool are here: [Link].

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