How to Properly Search for function if you have only "one round"?

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How to Properly Search for function if you have only "one round"?

Post by MartaLabieniec » Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:23 am


I have a problem, very Big Problem for me. I don't know how to properly search for correct address..

But I will explain the situation better:

I have a FPS Shooter game, you are shooting people by doing missions. This is SinglePlayer game of course. When you are playing missions, you have different powerups to use to powerup your weapon. Some powerups has time limit after usage, some of them don't.

And I want to hack one powerup to have this always enabled but.. I don't know how to search for it..


You are starting mission, your powerup is disabled. The powerup which I want to hack has not any time limit. When you activate this powerup in mission, it will be activated all the time to the end of the mission. You can't deactivate it when you enable it. When mission ends, the powerup it is deactivating itsefl but... when you start once again the same mission, the address containing this powerup change every time when you start a mission.

So I stucked at this moment - how to find this powerup if I can't search for it?


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Re: How to Properly Search for function if you have only "one round"?

Post by predprey » Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:38 pm

1. Try limiting search range to a possible structure in memory, like where your health values are. Then open the region in memory view and see if any values change specifically when activating powerup.
2. Try finding where the time limit is for the other powerups then see if the variable for activate powerup is near that for all other powerups.
3. If all else fails, then use Ultimap to search for the function for activating powerup. Functions do not change positions so you can search across multiple restarts, just pause the search when not doing anything relevant i.e. activating powerup, so it does not lag unnecessarily.
4. Hacking the developer console if it's available then the cheat developer cvars. Requires much advanced reversing knowledge and research into game engine though.

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