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regarding emulated games...

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:26 pm
by treos
no, i'm not making a request for any ROM or anything like that (been emulating games for over a decade so i already know all about that side of things)... rather, i was just thinking and wondering if it might be possible to use cheat engine to create cheat tables for emulators and/or emulated games. and it's not like you guys host games here to begin with anyway.

iirc the pcsx2 forums has a fair number of cheat tables made with cheat engine that people have posted for ps2 games emulated using that emulator and the reason this works is because most games emulated with that particular emulator use the same area of memory whenever it's run so even when you close then start it up again the values and whatnot will remain the same (something that and a few other emulators do that's unique about them).

the reason i'm wondering and asking about this is... cheat engine is pretty much infinitely more reliable than old things like gameshark or pro action replay (good luck getting those codes to work with ps2 armored core games. i've tried all the infinite energy codes out there for every version of those cheat devices and not a single one of them works.) plus, instead of relying on hex editing, it's directly editing the memory being used at the time.

so, my question is... "could this work?" and if so, how might such requests be affected by the current rules here? i know there's the strict "no multiplayer hacking" rules here which i agree with 100% but i'm not sure about emulated console games.

Re: regarding emulated games...

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:27 pm
by SunBeam
People here have been posting DOSBox or CEMU tables for their games. Why should there be any different consideration for your shit? :) Can you please have a look around before asking questions with obvious answers? Thanks.