[Ace Combat: Assault Horizon] FOV changer

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[Ace Combat: Assault Horizon] FOV changer

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I am trying to make an FOV (field of view) changer for AC: Assault Horizon. I find the default FOV too narrow to be enjoyable. The game has long been delisted from steam (because of the licensing of the planes) and I intend to use this strictly in singleplayer.

For now I managed to find an address that seems to be the one controlling the camera FOV:
[Link] for example here it shows 0.57 which I guess is 57 degrees
[Link] 0.30 for 30 degrees
[Link] 0.85 for 85 degrees

These are the default, min and max in the plane view mode, the same address is used during game missions.

I tried changing and freezing the address via CE, but the game keeps writing to the address at (I guess) 60hz, resulting in the address quickly swapping values and the view glitching.

So I searched for what writes to the address, this came up [Link]

I don't know how to interpret assembly code, so I tried "replace with code that does nothing" [Link] [Link] the nop-ed code

This works, in the sense that the value set by me in Cheat Engine sticks and the FoV is changed to what I want.

However, I guess that this is an inelegant (barbaric) solution and it breaks all the instances where the FoV is supposed to change (when locking onto a target, during cutscenes, etc. etc..)

I am unsure on how to proceed.

Perhaps the ideal would be adding an offset to the value when it is modified by the code, so the the game can still change the FoV but I can add 10-15 degrees to it (ideally I could arbitrarily change the offset amount)

Is this viable? If so, how? Or is there a better way?


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