Change controller behavior in fighting games

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Ronald N
What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Change controller behavior in fighting games

Post by Ronald N »

Hello I am a beginner. I would like to do computer versus computer battles in some modern games to determine the best fighter. I also want to do player versus computer fights in free mode, in games where this is not. In BlazBlue Central Fiction I know the address that needs to be changed to 0 or 1 (player or computer), I found this on the internet. In Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS I found this address myself. This value is 4 bytes, 1 or 0, in one game it changes when you exit the battle to the main menu, in another game it remains the same. But, for example, in One Piece Burning Blood, I can't find the value I want. Now I have been suffering for a long time with GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 and cannot find the address I need. Can you give hints on how to find the address with the controller behavior in games, and is there the same system in all games with the values ​​0 and 1? Or another values, type and location. Thank you.

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Re: Change controller behavior in fighting games

Post by sbryzl »

Autohotkey would probably work better for this, especially if you want to do it for a lot of different games. You need to debug each individual game with cheat engine but with autohotkey you can have a basic template that only needs small adjustments for each game since it only changes the input not actual game code.

If you still want to use cheat engine I find it helpful to apply hotkeys to new scan, next scan, increased, decreased so you can scan while you have a control pressed or not.

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Re: Change controller behavior in fighting games

Post by SunBeam »

Ronald N wrote:
Fri Jan 15, 2021 10:09 am
to determine the best fighter
You mean to determine on which player the AI wins. Because I highly doubt with same 2 players, 3-4 fights will happen identically. So you're not determining anything actually. Player 1 has 10 moves, Player 2 has 10 moves. The variation of moves the computer can use for each.. is.. you guessed.. Now, in 3-4 battles, there isn't a sheet of moves to tell the CPU: first use move C, then move D, then move A. The Engine uses a random number generator (also known as rng) based on which the move is selected from a case. Imagine the rng as a roll of dice. Roll: 2. Case, select move 2. And so on.

So "the best player" when leaving it all to the computer/AI to decide, will not work that well. But let's say on some player the devs didn't do their job fine and for some reason the code will always pick the moves in a certain order. That you can determine. Which player "glitches".

I am just explaining the logic behind it, not how to determine it or do it. Your reply felt like it's overlooking a lot of aspects and simplifies the process to a kid's understanding. Which isn't the thing; you can see from the above how complex that can be...

Now.. if none of the above applies to your game, then it's a crap game or devs simply didn't invest time randomizing AIs choices... And you know what happens in a game in which you know all the moves, the order of events and so on.. you get bored.

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