Metal Gear Solid (GOG)

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Metal Gear Solid (GOG)

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i'd like to learn how to do "All Weapons (with for ex. 100 Ammo) / All Items / Infinite Ammo" codes for this game.
i have all the addresses of the weapons/items (and am able to update them one by one in my current table but i'd like to have a "one click" option

if you give yourself ammo, the game gives you the weapon.
there is 2 hex between each weapon and item
the first weapon ammo code is 0078E802, and there are 10 weapons (ends in 0078E814)
the first item code is 0078E828, and there are 24 items (ends in 0078e858)
---the id card (0078E84C) needs to be value 7 for max level of it
---you don't want the timer bomb (0078E84E) it will blow you up

the metal gear solid 2 table in below link is fairly similar game structure with +2 hex between items/weapons, could someone convert that into this game and show me how?

i figured out how to do an infinite ammo code aob for each individual weapon by commenting out where it removes a bullet each time and then just have a main header to select all the ammo codes at once but MGS2 has a code thats like 20x less code than that would be, and i could just freeze my current codes already made instead

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