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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Search for a list of values

Post by ekkomaru »

I wanted to know if there's an easy way to replicate this behaviour from GameGuardian for Android. Image From my understanding it finds values that are part of the same array. I tried searching by grouped but it yielded no results.

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Re: Search for a list of values

Post by panraven »

From here [Link]_
it seems the format
mostly resemble (but not exactly) ce's group search with OOO:A flag (out of order search,
OOO:A is aligned with type, OOO:U is not aligned).
The guardian format alone has a default value type of 'ALL' (ce group search has no 'ALL' type),
and default size of 512,
but with the type (dword) and size (17 +3?, ie 5x dword ) specified as your pic, the equivalent ce group should be
ce: BS:20 OOO:A 4:250 4:350 4:1250 4:2500 4:6000,
gg: 250D;350D;1250D;2500D;6000D:20(17?)
It is out of order, so the result can be 2500/6000/1250/250/350 or 1250/2500/250/350/6000.

gg's IN-ORDER format, ie. use 2 colon :: instead of one, has no equivalent in ce group search,
since ce's IN-ORDER group search is more like a packed struct that spacing between values is fixed
( it can at most insert a fixed size wildcard, like 4:* ) and size BS is not used, ie. size is implied by
individual values' size, ie. their sum.

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