[HELP] Add Script to existing record

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[HELP] Add Script to existing record

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I am using a cheat table for a game, but it has some major flaws that I wish to improve. I have improved a lot of it - but I can improve it further.

Such problems mean I have to manually change the value from 0 to 1 [B]and [/B]select the record.

I wanted to attach a script to this existing record where it automatically changes the value of the record to 1 when enabled, and 0 when disabled.

As a result of help from others in this forum I can do the script part fine, at least I think I can, it is just attaching the script that I do not know.

I understand how to use the auto assembly to make a new record which has a script attached, but I need to add it to an existing record.

Thanks for any help!

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