fh4 wheelspin count on cracked version?

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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fh4 wheelspin count on cracked version?

Post by Noulj »


so basically I'am curious if it's possible to change the value of wheelspins in Forza Horizon 4, on the cracked version 1.401.912.2.

I have heard it's server-sided, but if i'm not wrong, the cracked version does not use the connection, right?

Had luck with changing the values of wheelspins prizes, by that, I got the money I wanted. Tried my best with my basic skills in CE, but yep, no luck with this one.

Searched throughout the internet, but found only glitches, which do not work.

Looking for some help!

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fh4 wheelspin count on cracked version?

Post by dinoid9985 »

Hello, you can change the xp you gain from influence boards!

You just have to find one influence board, stop near it, scan it xp value (Recommended doing it with the 3000 influence board). After scanning, change all values to something higher, then just hit the board with your car to gain a insane ammount of influence and one wheelspin per level!

I also recommend you to activate the option "pause game while scanning" while you do the process.

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