Bug 7.1 CE version

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Re: Bug 7.1 CE version

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xorps wrote:
Wed May 13, 2020 1:15 pm
Guys thank you all - it's working :)
Do have to translate all the tables this way ?
Only those with memory records with descriptions: "float", "fLoAt",..., "FLOAT", "double", "dOuBlE",..., "DOUBLE", "int", "iNt", ..., "INT".

Add this to cheat engine autorun folder (as ".lua" file, not ".lua.txt"):

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-- "rename" some memory records
local function renameMemRecs_float_double_timer(t)
  if MainForm.SaveDialog1.FileName=='' then return end
  local foundSome = false
  for i=0,AddressList.Count-1 do
    if string.lower(AddressList[i].Description) == "int" or
       string.lower(AddressList[i].Description) == "float" or
       string.lower(AddressList[i].Description) == "double" then
      AddressList[i].Description = AddressList[i].Description.." value"
      foundSome = true
  if foundSome then MainForm.miSave.doClick() end -- save changes

local previousOnTableLoad = onTableLoad

function onTableLoad(before)
  if previousOnTableLoad then previousOnTableLoad(before) end
  if before==false then
    local t=createTimer(nil,false)
    t.OnTimer = renameMemRecs_float_double_timer
    t.Enabled = true
In CE settings, "when a table has a lua script, execute it"
set like this:

Then highlight CT files in your windows explorer and hit enter to massively open all CT files at once - windows allows up to 15 selected CT files.

The script checks if there are memory records with those problematic descriptions, if it finds any, renames them, save changes to CT file, closes CheatEngine.

After you process all CT files you have, you can remove this Lua script from autorun folder.

In CE settings, "when a table has a lua script, execute it" set to what previously it was.

you can use this batch script (create BAT file inside folder with CT files, paste this script, double click it):

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for %%I in (*.CT) do (
  start /WAIT "" "%%I"

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Bug 7.1 CE version

Post by xorps »

Dark byte fixed this bug with a direct write to the xmm register ? Well done!

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