how to dump Memory in HEX Bytes

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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how to dump Memory in HEX Bytes

Post by jurick »


Can anyone explain me how to dump Memory in HEX Bytes form from whole Module in Cheat Engine?

I know that you can open any proccess, go to memory viewer and then choose option named: View --> Memory Regions (CTRL+R) - and then you can see all memory regions from module that I attached CE for it. I want to dump whole memory in one file (all memory regions that you can see in Memory Regions tab) - I know that I can press Right Mouse Button on Memory Regions and choose SELECT ALL READABLE MEMORY and then I can choose SAVE SELECTED Regions but it will make a lot of files which I don't know how to MERGE THEM IN ONE FILE - so I want to ask - if is possible in CE to dump whole memory from Module and save it in one file?

Don't ask me why I need that, but I really need that for compare. Or tell me how to merge all these files to make a one big file.

I am waiting for your answers,

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Re: how to dump Memory in HEX Bytes

Post by kantoboy69 »

to merge in command line
copy /b files* > onebigfile.bin

Also there's a tutorial before using ollydebug to dump unpacked executables
it dumps the whole executable memory regions

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