Orna: gps rpg[Request: I'll donate]

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Orna: gps rpg[Request: I'll donate]

Post by Insterluda » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:15 pm

Hello folks.

I will donate some money if somebody would help me.
I also know a good guy on the black market costs 100€ upwards. / Hour

Could anyone lend me a hand on this game please?
I'am playing the game on Bluestacks4 while I use Cheatengine.

the process is: HD-Player.
I've tried many process untill speedhack worked so I knew its HD-Player.

I dont find any values not even display values.

If everything would be server storage you could find atleast the display values, and if you try to change them they change back because of server side packets.

I've used cheatengine on a few games at bluestacks with success but I cant get this game to work.
Orna: Gps rpg

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