[Help] Agant the storm

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[Help] Agant the storm

Post by ChibilCK »

Could anyone help me with the correct way to find impatiance?

I cant find it.
Just want it so i can put change its value to 1 por exemple when i want

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Re: [Help] Agant the storm

Post by Pongozila »

Quick way is:

1 - Open game and start a map
2 - Attach the process on CE
3 - Activate Mono features
4 - Open memory view
5 - Press "ctrl+G"
6 - Search for "Eremite.Services.ReputationService:AddReputationPenalty+93" (without quotes)
7 - Right click on the address and "find out what addresses this instruction accesses"
8 - Profit! The address on the new window is the one you want.

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