Help with colon hex in adress field

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Help with colon hex in adress field

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So i searched for a while, and i can't find any examples of how to deal with addresses like 02A6B424:4. What is that colon? Why does cheat engine skip it when i add the address to cheat table? I noticed when address like that appearss it broke my c++ code becuase when i trying to use ReadProcessMemory on 02A6B424, i got weird huge values instead of value that cheat engine gives me. How to deal with that kind of stuff? Is there any good tutorial explaining that? :?

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Re: Help with colon hex in adress field

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When you're searching with "All" Value Type, it will show next to the address which type it is. In this case the 4 being a 4 bytes.
It's not a part of the address itself, so just ignore it.

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