Star Ruler Resource Locking By Code

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Star Ruler Resource Locking By Code

Post by Darkwhip » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:26 am

I have successfully found the pointer values for Metal, Electronics and Advanced parts in the galactic bank for the 2010 game Star Ruler.
Now it would be ideal to have the values locked at a high number, but just forcing the value through cheat engine normally randomly crashes the game, so I am forced to revisit CE seldom to set my resources to a high value again. Technically it should be a non-issue since the values are in double and it accepts values higher than 100b, but I want to learn how to actually use a code to either:
[*]Deny value decreases.
[*]Freeze value through code directly.

Alternatively the code could also attempt a similar approach to what I have seen already on flash games where the value just doesn't go down, it only goes up.

Since now, thanks.

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