Theory Revising - Game Address etc

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Theory Revising - Game Address etc

Post by Learner » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:39 am

Hi, just a quick revision to see if I understand what I have learnt so far keep in mind I only have been coding and game hacking for 3-4 weeks.

These are the 2 main things to find which will lead all the rest of addresses:

1) Local Player Base Pointer: This address is a struct or class where stuff relating to yourself can be found? This where all the stored information for yourself is found like Health, Armour, Ammo basically anything relating to yourself? To find the static local base pointer either find it from Health or Ammo. - Correct?

2) Entity Base Pointer: This is also a struct/class? I’m not up to this one yet but I assume it’s everything relating to other players? What can be found from this? And when making a hack what is needed from the entity?

These 2 steps if I find the address I can find and hack most games right? These are the two main things that will lead to other addresses.

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Re: Theory Revising - Game Address etc

Post by TheyCallMeTim13 » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:53 pm

1. Mostly yes, but there can often be a "stats" object/structure that would be pointed to by the player object. So you would need to backtrace it to the player object.

2. Again, mostly yes; there usually is an "entity list", that can be used for a lot of things. But this tends to require a deeper understanding of the structures and their layout.

Final answer, yeah; but know that most don't really even look for this stuff. I never tend to look for the player object, I just find some base address that works and points to as much as possible. You could just look for places to inject code that runs through the entity list and lets you do stuff to all entities that are in the player proximity (I do this some times just to make testing other hacks easier).
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