Steven Universe - Unleash The Light (💻) Save Editing Tips

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Steven Universe - Unleash The Light (💻) Save Editing Tips

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So for this round of general gamehacking; I will be introducing you to some general gamehacker tips for Steven Universe Unleash The Light on PC; released in Feb 2021. This of course is reliant upon the fact you have a PC to hack with; as I am not sure the Apple Arcade version is not cloud forced.

The first thing you should do is find your save file. It is usually in "Username"\AppData\LocalLow\Grumpyface Studios\Unleash the Light and a UTL file. This should be anywhere from 10 KB to almost 250 KB depending on your in-game inventory {Lotta junk}. Open the UTL file in a text editor such as Notepad.

Easy Level Ups - If you want some easy level ups, find where your Item UIDs are, and add the following line after a comma.
This will give you 98 Level Up Idols which instantly level up your character. If you need more; simply exit the game and re-edit to 98.

Chroma-Palooza - There are 8 item codes for Chromas. The same tactic mentioned above works. Just make sure you don't have chromas in those UIDs yet. Also I recommend grabbing at least ONE chroma beforehand in-game or it may lock you of crafting.
{\"itemUID\":108,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Red Chromas
{\"itemUID\":109,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Orange Chromas
{\"itemUID\":110,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Yellow Chromas
{\"itemUID\":111,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Green Chromas
{\"itemUID\":112,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Light Blue Chromas
{\"itemUID\":113,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Dark Blue Chromas
{\"itemUID\":114,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- Violet Chromas
{\"itemUID\":115,\"itemCount\":98}, <-- White Chromas

Finally, Charm Editing - Note that charms are trinkets that modify a character's stats. They are limited in what stats they can affect based on the rolled statistics.
It should look something like this in the save file.
The last value is what we are going to edit. I can say for sure that 999 is a safe number to modify and gives you just about enough of an upgrade for those stats to boost you heavily. If you find your attack item and luck; you'll be able to two or three shot just about any enemy in-game who doesn't have immunity or a script to prevent death.

Well, that's all folks. Remember to click save as you exit Notepad and enjoy.

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