Modify value that is constantly re-written

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Modify value that is constantly re-written

Post by laurenie525 »

parittolo wrote:
Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:09 pm
Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I used the code injection template (I don't really know how to do it myself).
Before reading your post I kept trying and sort of achieved the end goal.

I read that the "addss" opcode can accept a memory address, I know how to directly change the value of an address using CE
So I found one that looked unused [Link]
Added it to the address list and wrote this in the injection script [Link]
with hotkeys [Link]

Now I can change that address, via hotkey for example, and add/subtract what I want to the in-game FoV which is still managed by the game before my offset, made a little video to show [Link]

Having said that, having now read your message, thank you so much for offering your help, tell me what I can provide
I did the "cheat table from framework code" result is: [Link]

Saved it to the table, closed the game and CE, launched both again, loaded the table and it seems to be working.

Is the address I choose, almost randomly, a good choice? doesn't seem like anything is writing/reading to it, but I don't know how to say

It seems to me like when it is in the specified range it is overwriting the game FoV, so you can lose the native zoom functions if it falls within the range.

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