Surviving Titan

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Surviving Titan

Post by qristobalcat »

Surviving Titan,
recommended game; this is like Junk Jack, Gnomoria or Stardew Valley (Best 2D games!)

So far, all inventory are Double (checkmark 'rounded default' even when numbers are integers, not decimal, just in case, as a habit) :lol:

I couldn't get about health, hunger, energy or thirst, but with Inventory at your wish, there is no problem (don't be so lazy !). :D
So, if someone get those, share it here, please !

Games still need to improve keys, since you can't shoot with the mouse, instead everything with keyboard, kinda suck. Mouse only for menu or point to shoot. Zoom in/out with mouse-wheel (game lag for a while if you zoom out to the max)
Not too much reference of this game on internet yet, seems new game.

Enjoy the game! 8-)

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