[Open Source C#] CNC TD Remastered Map Hack

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[Open Source C#] CNC TD Remastered Map Hack

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Hey All,

If anyone's interested, here's the source code for a maphack in cnc remastered. I used the information from [USER=523]@Zanzer[/USER] 's cheat table to make it so credit to him for the hard work.

Main reason for posting this is for people who want to make their own hacks (that arent in cheat engine) but arent sure where to start.


I'm not a C# coder so the code is a little bit messy and could probably be improved

Edit: it registers the hotkeys CTRL + R to reveal and CTRL + S to reshroud

[URL unfurl="true"]https://github.com/slobcat1337/cncmaphack[/URL]
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