Far Cry 5 Booting Script [Request]

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Far Cry 5 Booting Script [Request]

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Game Name: Far Cry 5
Game Engine: Dunia Engine 2
Game Version: 1.016
Options Required: Booting Players
Steam Website:
Other Info: In Far Cry 5 Arcade Multiplayer, there are several hackers who use a script that "boots" specific players, essentially making them unable to do anything or respawn, forcing them to stay in one place without being able to play the game, unless they exit the lobby and rejoin. When this happens, the victim's health bar goes to 0 and they cannot open their inventory, their weapons also disappear from their hands. I have been looking everywhere for this script but haven't been able to find it, does anyone have it or knows what I'm talking about?

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Re: Far Cry 5 Booting Script [Request]

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