Getting Value From Text Document

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Getting Value From Text Document

Post by Yoq209 »

This code allows me to send a custom value from text in a trainer to an address.

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Function CEButton1Click(sender)
writeInteger("Test.exe+1A234", getProperty(CETrainer_CEdit1,"Text"))

strings_add(getAutoAttachList(), "Test.exe")
Does anybody know how could I do the same thing but send the value from text in a .txt instead of the trainer?

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Re: Getting Value From Text Document

Post by LeFiXER »

You'll want a function that reads the file and stores the data to a table which can then be referenced within the trainer.

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function readFile(filename)
  local lines = {}
  if filename == nil then print('File does not exist.') return end
  local file =

  for line in file:lines() do
      table.insert(lines, line)
  return lines

-- Initialise a table and store the result of the function as its data.
file_table = readFile('path\\filename.extension')
In your trainer functions you can do something like:

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function CEButton1Click(sender)
  -- Where [1] denotes line number of the file
  local value = tonumber(file_table[1])
  writeInteger("Test.exe+1A234", value)
In your text document, each line should have only the value you want to read on each line.

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