Change Specific offset of multilevel pointers

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Change Specific offset of multilevel pointers

Post by KYPHAGXpX999 »

OK, this is a short question. Is there any way to change a specific offset of multiple pointer addresses?

Right now, on Cheat engine 7.4, the only way I know is to use the "Smart edit address" when changing multiple pointer addresses, but this method only allows you to change the base addresses and the LAST offsets. So to repeat my question, Is there any way for me to change a specific offset? Instead of just changing the LAST offset, I would like to, for example: Change the 3rd offset or maybe the 4th offset of multiple addresses at the same time.

I don't know any Lua, so I don't know if there is some script that can alow you to do it. It's just very time consuming to be changing a lot of addresses offsets by hand one by one. Anyway, thanks in advance.

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Re: Change Specific offset of multilevel pointers

Post by panraven »

A named symbol may help.

A named symbol in ce usually use as address, but it can also used as offset!

For instance, if there are many address with same offset and they means the same thing, eg. they all means [str] of the same data structure/class, then when this offset change, you can change the named symbol numeric value once if all relevant record's address is using this named symbol.

Here a different usage and seemly a bit advanced example, see if you can get it.

Paste into Memory Address Panel or saved as *.ct; attached a process and see by alter [playeIdx]/[enemyIdx].
(NOTE: in my testing, the enemy [lvl] doesn't populate, it may be just due to my buggy 7.3 version ce )

To create/modified named symbol, it can be by lua function or AA command (both 'registerSymbol'), or in you case, manually input from [memory view]->[view]->[userdefined symbol], it can be associate a symbol and address/offset value in the 2 right edit box.


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