invoke overloaded mono method

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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invoke overloaded mono method

Post by koopa539 »

Hi! I am trying to find the player's CharacterBody entity in Risk of Rain 2 using the mono API and it crashes on the `mono_class_findMethod` call.
Most likely I am doing it wrong, below is the code. Can anyone spot something?
NB: It works when I invoke the method using the mono dissect GUI and use the address I get from `readQword(body + inventoryOffset)`

Code: Select all

debugInstanceLookup = true

-- member offsets for RoR2.CharacterBody
local bodyOffset = 0x30
local inventoryOffset = 0x70

function getBody()
  local charBody = mono_findClass('RoR2', 'CharacterBody')
  local charController = mono_findClass('RoR2', 'PlayerCharacterMasterController')
  print(("found controller at %x"):format(charController))
  local maybeControllerEntities = mono_class_findInstancesOfClassListOnly('RoR2', charController)
  local maybeBodyEntities = mono_class_findInstancesOfClassListOnly('RoR2', charBody)
  for k,v in ipairs(maybeControllerEntities) do
    local body = readQword(v + bodyOffset)
    for x,maybeBody in ipairs(maybeBodyEntities) do
      if(body == maybeBody) then -- controller body matches the body entity. that's a bingo
        print(("found body at %x"):format(body))
        return body
local body = getBody()
local inventory = readQword(body + inventoryOffset)
print(("Inventory %x"):format(inventory))

-- local giveItem = mono_class_findMethod(inventory, 'GiveItem')
local giveRandomItems = mono_class_findMethod(inventory, 'GiveRandomItems')
mono_invoke_method('', giveRandomItems, inventory, {{type=int, value=10}})
Also I was wondering what if there is an overloaded function, how will `mono_class_findMethod` know which one to get?
For example `GiveItem` exists twice in the `Inventory` objects. One expects an item and the other an item index.
Last question, how to get the function signatures in LUA via the monopipe? Thanks!

PS: Not sure whether this is even a good idea how to get the address I need or if I am overcomplicating things. Please feel free to let me know if I should do things differently, cheers.

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Expert Cheater
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Re: invoke overloaded mono method

Post by TheByteSize »

This might help you if you trying to differentiate overload methods.

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