Add a value into the script

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Add a value into the script

Post by 3qalves3 »

Hello im trying to learn some basics and i need some help here.


Rbx is the number that i know already, i want to know how i can find the xmm0 value and its possible to change the xmm0 value ?

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Re: Add a value into the script

Post by EphenSteve »

Sometimes you can simply change the line to something like this
mov [rbx],(double)100 // or if its float you can write (float) if its an integer you can simply do # without the parenthesis

everything else can remain the same. most of the time it works but some games have checks later in the assembly which can make weird results or crashes. just depends on what you are trying to do.

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Re: Add a value into the script

Post by Eric »

Nerdy: Aaactually....

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mov [rbx],(double)100
will result in invalid code as the value in `mov [memoryaddress],value` can only be 32-bits

you'd want to do:

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mov [rbx],(double32l)100
mov [rbx+4],(double32h)100

Code: Select all

mov rax,(double)100
mov [rbx],rax

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