Useful website for your first easily hackable games

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Useful website for your first easily hackable games

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You're just starting out with Cheat Engine, you've tried a few crackme's (here if you havn't yet [Link]) and you want to hack your first game. The question is, which game do you start out with? You may have some good ones, but you may just have AAA or other such games with complex coding. This is what this website is for (or at least this is what we are using it for).

The website is My Abandonware ([Link]), a website dedicated to games which can no longer be legally obtained. If you feel they aren't legitimate, they removed all the games that are now being sold on GOG, Steam, and such and at the same time that they started getting GOG ads (I doubt a company like GOG or Steam would put their logo on any virus laden website, or at least I havn't seen it yet).
WARNING: Even if the website is safe, not all of the ads are. Most of the ads are fine but a few look like the download links and probably lead to virus town (the website isn't ad riddled, but I still feel I should at least put up a warning).

Most of these games are old, and as such they will have simple coding. I would recommend starting with learning how to find values in one of the many DOS games on the website ([Link] for a tutorial on finding DOS game base pointers). Once you have learned that, then you can try writing scripts for the windows games.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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