Finding Values - Integers

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Finding Values - Integers

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Finding Values - Integers

The most basic thing to do with Cheat Engine is to find Values to change or freeze.
So let's go over how to find some integer values.
Any game will work but I will be using Windows Solitaire. And Windows Solitaire is a good game for integers.
If unsure how to attach to the process see: [Link]

Integer Integers are whole numbers, or numbers that are not fractions.
Lets start with the score. If you play or have played a round then you know that the visible score is an integer, that it's increased by moves and decreased with time, and starts at zero.
Now in this small game scanning for zero should be fine but it's best not to scan for zeros (use Unknown initial value for the first scan).

Step 1
So make some moves to increase the score, I got 5 points (watch the score so you are scanning for the correct value).
On the Cheat Engine form in the value text box enter the current score and click first scan.
You should see a list of values.

Step 3
Again make some moves to increase the score, I got 13 points.
Reenter the current score and click next scan.
[Link] Note: You won't always get just 1 address. Step 4
And you would do this, scanning for increased values and letting it decrease to scan for that value, until a value or list of values that looks right is captured.

Step 5
So now that you have an address double click it in the found list, and it should create a memory record in the address list of the cheat table.
Double click the value to change it and enter 5000. You should now have 5000 as a score.

Basic Timer
We know that the visible timer is an integer, which isn't common but it's a good timer to start with, and it increases by one about every second.

Step 1
So click new scan, then enter the current timers value and click first scan. Tip: Click the Advanced Options to open the form and have a Pause (process) button. Tip: Enter a value just above the timers value and wait for it to hit that value to scan. Step 2
Then reenter the current timers value and click next scan.
Keep doing this like with the score until a value is found.

Freezing Values
When you have the address in the address list you can click the box to freeze the address. Note: You won't always get just 1 address. [Link]

Note that the timer still shows '1' as a value, to change that we would need to use code injection.
See: [Link]

See also
  • [Link]
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