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Siralim 2

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:57 pm
by linkff
Hi people this game has stored all types of values in Double format that means we use cheat engine setting on Double and search the values we want to edit.

1)I found a way to mod core type :D get a core with 3 or 4 or more core total and search for that double value once you find the correct value after multiple searches (discard one search again ...) copy that value in adress list Ctrl+C (copy) on that value and Ctrl+V (paste) and set "Adjust address by:" -10. The value you'll get is Core's id number it can be set from 0 to 601 range without crashing game that means this game has 602 monster types :D (do not set to 602 it will crash)

2)I found a way to mod Material type same way as above but you set "Ajust adress by:" 10 that way you get material ID which you can set from 0 to 735 :D

3)I found out that if you do same with excalted gem and Ajust adress by 10 you get Miscellaneous id which you can edit from 0 to 76

4) I found out consumable id same way as above but ajust adress by 20 you get Consumable id which you can edit from 1 to 7, 9, 11 to 16, 21 to 30, 34 to 60