[COMPLETED] Zombidle : REMONSTERED (This game is HARD to hack)


What is cheating?
Feb 19, 2018
Can someone please create a table for this game?
The game is free:


I can't even find a single value to edit.
Skulls, blood, diamonds..

I tried "slow search" of "all types", using unknown initial value and only "value incremented" and "value decremented" with "pause game during scan".
But damn! I can't even FIND a single value.

I'm most interested in hacking Diamonds.

I see that people were able to hack the game in the past, but in the current patch (Pleasure Island) there's nothing that works :(


Sep 4, 2017
if I remember correctly from when I played this back on browser, for skulls, the game store separately the scientific notation, example : you have 1.5e6 skulls; you'll have a double = 1.5 and another value = 6 (don't remember if integer or double)
For diamonds, the problem wasn't finding the value, but the game verify your diamond's amount

Hope it helps you


What is cheating?
Mar 14, 2018
There is a table on this site.Here: http://fearlessrevolution.com/threads/zombidle-remonstered-steam-21-jul-2017.4157/

It has a lot of features, but not all of them works for me:

The features listed are:

Bob Always Sleeps
Skill Cooldown Remove
Bloodstone Do not Decrease
Orbs Dont Remove After Chest Open
Destroy one house to get to next wave
The Attack Speed of Monsters (increased)
Level Up Monsters (Returns Cost to You)
Level Up Monsters Skill (Returns Cost to You)
Boost the construction of buildings in hell (Returns Cost to You) *
Buying Buildings In Hell (Returns Cost to You) *
Villagers (Do not run away)
Spam Villagers (Increases the chance of spawning villagers)
Chance of Diamond Drop is Every Villager 100 Percent (increased the chance of diamond drop)
Arcane Craft/Boost (Returns Cost to You) *
Diamond Deal Buy (Returns Cost to You) *
Infinite Buff Timer
Buy Event Reward (Returns Cost to You)*

But much more of them just doesn´t work -for me, at least-.

You can advance a lot with the Diamond "Deal Buy (Returns Cost to You)". So you can get unlimited diamonds just by buying fast travels -45 each- and then using them to buy yellow shards in the forge.
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