Zanzer Witcher 3 table

Mar 3, 2017
This is Zanzer Witcher 3 table all credit to him i just post it here cause i had it on my computer and have back up of them

If Zanzer post this table here Pls close this one down

Last tested on version 1.21

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Stamina
Unlimited Breath
Unlimited Adrenaline
No Toxicity
One Hit Kills
Maximize Everything (Enemies Too!)
Time of Day (thanks jim2point0)
Teleport (thanks vng21092)
Unlimited Inventory/Gold
Unlimited Durability
Unlimited Consumables
Set Weight Limit to 10,000
Ignore Crafting Material Requirements
Always Win Gwent
Unlimited Buff Duration
Mouseover Item Pointer
Loot Item Pointer
Adjust Camera Position
Override FOV
Maximize All Status Bars (Health/Stamina/Etc.)
Money Pointer (not usable with unlimited inventory)
Change Unit Animation Speeds
Set Experience Multiplier (after level 1)
Retrieve Item Name (personal use)
Lookup Variable
Enable Debug Console (use tilde [~] or F2 to open console)
Activate All Skills (click Lookup Skill Slot 1 Address after zoning/loading) # BROKEN #

You can use Loot Item Pointer to create some new items.
Drop a single stackable item on to the ground and retrieve its item structure.
Change the Item ID and Item Type to your desired item.
Drop a new item to prepare the next item swap.
Pick up the previously changed item. Rinse and repeat.

Extra Powerful Skills
Ever felt the skills just didn't provide enough oomph, stopping at level 5 (or 1!)? Well, fret no more!
Activate the Lookup Variable script and open Integer Types.
Open your skills page to the skill you want and position your cursor so you can mouse over it quickly.
Set the Lookup Value to the current level of that skill then click Reset Found Addresses.
Go back in game and quickly mouse over the skill and nothing else.
The address containing the skill level will appear.
Simply set it to whatever value you wish to multiply that skill's effect.
Works on the 1-point Perk skills and even saves between loads!

Stuck at level 70 and want to start over? Try this out!
Set the Value Type to Grouped
Set the search Value to 4:-2000 4:126000
Click First Scan and add the search result to your table
For the address with value 4294965296, change it to -126000
Click the New Scan button to reset the search results
Set the search Value to 4:228 4:100 4:70
Click First Scan and add the search result to your table
For the address with value 70, change it to 1
Save the game and then load the saved game
Note that you will still have the stats.
To remove them, you will need to use the console command rmvabl(Lvl##) for each level you removed.

Random Console Commands:

addabl(HorseBag1) - Increase Weight Limit by 30
addabl(HorseBag2) - Increase Weight Limit by 70
addabl(HorseBag3) - Increase Weight Limit by 100
addabl(Mutagen16Effect) - Increase Weight Limit by 20

addabl(MistCharge) - Increase Resistances by 100%
addabl(Mutagen27Effect) - Increase Resistances by 1%
addabl(Mutagen28Effect) - Increase Resistances by 15%
addabl(ShrineResistancesPermanentBuff) - Increase Resistances by 20%

addabl(DamageBuff) - Increases All Damage
addabl(ForceCriticalHits) - 100% Critical Chance
addabl(GeraltMult) - Increases Damage by 1000%

addabl(attack_explosion) - Increase Damage and Sign Intensity by 200%
addabl(Mutagen17Effect) - Increase Damage and Sign Intensity by 50%

addabl(Ciri_Q205) - Increase Damage by 250
addabl(Ciri_Q305) - Increase Damage by 100
addabl(Ciri_Q403) - Increase Damage by 500
addabl(Ciri_Q111) - Increase Damage by 600
addabl(Ciri_Q501) - Increase Damage by 80

addabl(attack_heavy_stagger) - Increase Damage by 50%
addabl(attack_heavy_knockdown) - Increase Damage by 50%
addabl(EnhancedWeaponEffect) - Increase Damage by 20%
addabl(Mutagen10Effect) - Increase Damage by 1%
addabl(Mutagen14Effect) - Increase Damage by 1%
addabl(Mutagen25Effect) - Increase Damage by 50%
addabl(sword_2) - Increase Damage by 33%
addabl(sword_5) - Increase Damage by 10%
addabl(sword_s4) - Increase Damage by 5%
addabl(sword_s11) - Increase Damage by 30%
addabl(sword_s21) - Increase Damage by 5%
addabl(SkillLinkBonus_Red) - Increase Damage by 10%
addabl(SkillLinkBonus_Yellow) - Increase Damage by 10%
addabl(perk_2) - Increase Damage by 25%
addabl(ThunderboltEffect_Level1) - Increase Damage by 30%
addabl(ThunderboltEffect_Level2) - Increase Damage by 30%
addabl(ThunderboltEffect_Level3) - Increase Damage by 35%
addabl(ShrineAttackPowerPermanentBuff) - Increase Damage by 20%
addabl(RageActive) - Increase Damage by 30%
addabl(q101_wilddog) - Increase Damage by 140%

addabl(sword_s8) - Increase Critical Damage by 15%
addabl(sword_s17) - Increase Critical Damage by 15%
addabl(alchemy_s7) - Increase Critical Damage by 20%

addabl(alchemy_s10) - Increase Silver Damage by 30
addabl(alchemy_s11) - Increase Silver Damage by 120

addabl(Mutagen09Effect) - Increase Sign Intensity by 25%
addabl(sword_s19) - Increase Sign Intensity by 25%
addabl(SkillLinkBonus_Blue) - Increase Sign Intensity by 10%
addabl(PetriPhiltreEffect_Level1) - Increase Sign Intensity by 15%
addabl(PetriPhiltreEffect_Level2) - Increase Sign Intensity by 20%
addabl(PetriPhiltreEffect_Level3) - Increase Sign Intensity by 25%
addabl(AardShrineBuff) - Increase Sign Intensity by 50%
addabl(IgniShrineBuff) - Increase Sign Intensity by 50%
addabl(YrdenShrineBuff) - Increase Sign Intensity by 50%
addabl(QuenShrineBuff) - Increase Sign Intensity by 50%
addabl(AxiiShrineBuff) - Increase Sign Intensity by 50%
addabl(ShrineSpellPowerPermanentBuff) - Increase Sign Intensity by 20%

ShowAllFT(true) - Unlocks All Fast Travel Locations
ShowPins(true) - Show All Map Locations
AllowFT(true) - Fast Travel From Anywhere
UnlockAllAchievements - "Earn" All Game Achievements
cleardevelop - Reset Character (Drop Your Gear First)



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Mar 4, 2017
Thank you so much djdrulotus!
You are the legend

If it's possible, could you add some others!

Thanks in advance for that if you have time and if you want to


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Mar 31, 2017
Tested it on Game of the Year Edition 1.31 [GOG] and it works.
Thanks for great table.
Mar 9, 2017
Hello, is there any way to lower the level? Im level 35 with 955 exp and i could not use zanzer method. I wish to level 28 or 30.


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Jul 24, 2017
Hey Zanzer, it seems lots of people are wanting to know how to lower their level but are unable to do so with your instructions.

I think that's because you set up the instructions as if they were level 70. (but I may be wrong)
But I think the 2000 is what geralt has at 70, which isn't correct if the user is level 40. And I'm not sure about the other numbers.
Keep in mind, not everyone who uses CE is all that advanced.

Could you please explain it so that we can use your instructions from ANY level?

I've searched the web for hours and everyone's links are dead.

I and soo many others would appreciate it.

Thanks Zander
Mar 3, 2017
I'm kinda wondering how to change item stats propeties/type properties without poking into the sky.
May 2, 2017
no clip not working, it presses you under the world right away and even if you manage to get out, like if there is lower terrain somewhere, when you de activate no clip you do the fall forever thing below the map


What is cheating?
Aug 15, 2017
Can "Change Animation Speed" not go above 1?

Coming from Dark Souls, Geralt's command latency is atrocious.
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