WWE 2K16


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Mar 2, 2017
WWE 2K16 v1.0.1 Cheat Table!
Made by: XxRaPiD4K3LLERxX

Currently, contains:
CAW Gender Hack [DO NOT USE!!!! I found a big head banging glitch that will corrupt your save data due to memory hacking for this game]
[00 = Male, 01 = Female]
Currently working on:
CAW Attributes, I have successfully used this before, it manages to work without problems Smile I'll release it as soon as I completed all 100 CAW attributes.

Future functions:
-Weight Class editor
-Unlimited Health
-Unlimited stamina
-Always reversal [Unlikely]
-Unlimited momentum

I will upload the current CT, but it'll only contain CAW gender hack, it'll work but as soon as the game detects the value is changed for any CAW, you'll stop seeing yellow W sign which means autosaving.

Anyone wishes to contribute to this CT is welcome to and will get credited for this, but please post on a separate post w/ CT for me to check.


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